Sensei Arturo Girona

Arturo Girona

7th Degree Black Belt
General Secretary, WIKF
Pan America
World Treasurer, WIKF

Arturo Girona started his Karate training in 1970 in Mexico City. In 1982, while living in London, he started training under Suzuki Sensei at the Hombu Dojo in Fulham. Since then, Girona has been instrumental in spreading WIKF throughout South America. He organized and accompanied Suzuki Sensei to his first seminar in Venezuela (1984), Florianopolis, Brazil (1995) and helped establish WIKF in Chile. His focus now is to support and help spread WIKF throughout the USA, Central and South America.  While training under Suzuki Sensei, Girona has trained and competed in Japan (1990, 1991 and 1995). He also has extensive competition experience. Some highlights of his credentials are:

* Member of WIKF World Team - exhibition match - vs - Japanese Team in Iwakuni, Japan (1995).
* Member of Team USA at the 1993 WIKF World Championships in Athens, Greece.
* Member of WIKF World Team - exhibition match -vs- Japanese National Team in Toride, Japan (1991).
* Member of Team USA at the 1989 World Wado Cup in London, England.
* 1989 Kumite (fighting) Champion, Sunshine State Games.
* 1988 Champion in Kata (forms) and Silver medal in Kumite, USKF Florida State Championship.
* Silver medal Kumite, 1990 USKF Florida State Championships.
* Finalist, United Kingdom Karate-Do Wado Championships (London, 1981).
* Finalist, US Open (1981 and 1980 ).